I am a freshwater scientist, urban planner and waterway consultant.

My mission is to safeguard the future of our rivers, freshwater supply and natural heritage.

In 2010, I created this consultancy with the aim of combining stream research and consulting. By grounding my consulting model in evidence-based research, I believed we would have the tools to improve the physical environment and ecosystem function of the waterways that form our water supply chain… Read More

Han investigated the relationships between dams, river flows and the amount of egg-laying habitat for aquatic insects. He found that irrigation flows coupled with excessive algal growth cause catastrophic losses of such habitat. These world-first findings help explain biodiversity losses from dammed rivers and provide new avenues for river restoration.

Dr. Barbara Downes, Melbourne University

Handoko’s specialist environmental expertise is key in the organisation and subsequent interpretation of environmental reports for sites. Both environmental and archaeological reports are required for most developments for which DCE is the appointed civil consultant.

DCE is involved in key environmental and water sensitive urban design projects that span from local environmental ponds for endangered frog species through to large scale stormwater treatment and harvesting programs. Handoko is not only involved in the implementation of such projects but is in subsequent ongoing water quality and environmental research following development. Such research is establishing key pathways for future development planning.

Shane Dalton, Dalton Consulting Engineers

Handoko took on a challenging field project examining movement
patterns of the fire sensitive knob-tailed gecko in the mallee conservation parks of the Eyre
Peninsula, South Australia. The field work took place in remote locations under very challenging conditions and required meticulous organisation and planning.
Handoko showed outstanding abilities in all aspects of the project. He had a positive and very
enthusiastic attitude to his project and took the initiative that was required to see through this
sometimes difficult task.

Dr. Annabel Smith, Australian National University

Han is excellent .. Han has been conscientious, thorough and meticulous in the planning and undertaking of his research, and his research and analysis have been of a high standard.

Dr. Phillip Marren, Melbourne University

Han contacted myself … taking on a project that bridges the two disciplines of geomorphology (standard research area in physical geography) and ecology (located more in the biological sciences). It takes talent to envision and tackle a project of this nature, … requiring him to make multiple trips to the field under trying conditions (given he is working on a river-based project in upland areas during winter). I have no doubt he will go on to do extremely well in whatever he tackles next.

Dr. Barbara Downes, Melbourne University

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