Project Description

Case Study 1 – Pakenham Racing Club, Wetlands and Environmental Waterway, Victoria Australia


Pakenham Racing Club (246 Ha) was re-located to a Greenfield site located 1km west of the Tynong Township.


Numerous environmental and ecological constraints made this a challenging project. In particular, the location of endangered frogs (the Growling Grass Frog, Litoria Raniformis) necessitated the construction of a wetland refuge for the local flora and fauna.  In 2012, Galaxia was commissioned to study the necessary environmental parameters, in collaboration with Dalton Consulting Engineers (DCE), for successful design and construction of the Environmental Waterway that would provide a refuge for the local flora and fauna in the area, including endangered frogs.


Since its construction, local water quality has improved dramatically, with pollutants decreasing by up to 8000%.  The wetlands have now flourished into a habitat for local invertebrates, amphibians and birds. Ongoing water quality and ecological surveys are being undertaken to ensure that this environmental asset is maintained.