Project Description

Case Study 2 – Nirwana Gardens, Sustainable Infrastructure, Bintan Indonesia

Nirwana Gardens Resort was constructed in 1995 on the tropical island of Bintan, Indonesia. Spanning 150 Ha, located within the 1,500 Ha eco-island of Lagoi Bay, it was imperative that the development preserved the indigenous environmental assets of the island, including large populations of fish, birds and lizards found within the resort. The drainage infrastructure of the resort allowed rapid removal of stormwater, which was essential in this tropical, equatorial climate. However, construction of a system of vegetated waterways also provided habitat for indigenous fish, birds, and Monitor lizards to survive and thrive at the doorsteps of these resort villas. Since 2011, Galaxia has monitored the local ecology within the region, in collaboration with Signature Property Consulting, applying the same standard of environmental asset management and protection to other resort and infrastructure developments throughout the island.