Freshwater supply

Designing sustainable infrastructure in rural and urban catchments.

In 2010, I created this consultancy with the aim of designing and developing rural and urban freshwater supplies along sustainable pathways. I believed that if we applied what we’d learnt from a century of ecological science, we could drastically improve the water quality and ecosystem function of the catchments, reservoirs and waterways that form our entire water supply chain. 

 This consultancy has since delivered a diverse portfolio of 100+ environmental projects across six countries, including water supply and green infrastructure with a total construction cost exceeding USD180M. 

 I am always interested in ambitious, scalable projects that seek to future proof our freshwater supply and ecology. My portfolio spans the rural – urban divide, ranging from large scale stormwater harvesting programs across major metropolitan catchments, to irrigation flows from highland dams, including those of the Murray Darling Basin. 

 At the local level,  my portfolio ranges from wetland treatment trains that improve the water quality of urban waterways, habitat offsets for protected frogs and fish, to large scale stormwater harvesting programs in metropolitan catchments.

Freshwater ecology

 An evidence based approach to effective management of our catchments, reservoirs and waterways.

 Effective management of natural resources is not possible without an evidence-based understanding of natural systems. This expertise forms the foundation of effective impact assessments, management systems and the restoration of degraded environments.

 As an ecologist, I seek to understand how and why animal populations vary across time and space, in both natural and altered systems. This scientific training and empirical approach forms the foundation of our consultancy, which aims to safeguard the future of our freshwater supply and ecological heritage.

 Since 2010, I’ve worked in rural and urban catchments with a particular focus on freshwater supply, ecology and infrastructure. Such projects range from large scale river restoration projects in the highlands of the Murray Darling Basin, to wetland treatment trains that improve the water quality of urban waterways. At the local scale, our projects include habitat offsets for protected frogs and fish, and the construction of wetland refuges in coastal resorts.

Environmental compliance

Urban planning and sustainable development.

 Development is a complex and challenging process, with inevitable impacts to the immediate footprint and surrounding environment. This is always accompanied by a strong risk of environmental degradation, liability and penalties. The wrong compliance advice can lock the developer into a frustrating pathway of completion delays, heavy penalties and the loss of irreplaceable natural heritage. 

 Environmental damage is often irreversible, with extremely high penalties and loss of asset value.  It takes early, strategic action to minimize these risks, and effective risk management should be undertaken during the earliest stages of development.

 I provide property developers with rigorous, evidence based environmental impact assessments and management systems, in order to ensure their developments meet the highest standards of compliance and protection.

 These clients range from property developers seeking building permits in challenging compliance environments, to water managers interested in safeguarding our freshwater supply and rivers. My associates and I are proud of our extremely high success rate when obtaining development permits in Australia at the local, state and federal level. 

 Our portfolio includes successfully constructed developments and habitat offsets for federally protected species, which often require strict impact assessments, management

Teaching and mentoring 

 I regularly collaborate with the ecologists at the University of Melbourne, where I also teach the principles of environmental impact assessment to the next generation of scientists and engineers. I owe an ongoing debt to my colleagues. My work would not be possible without their contributions to our understanding of the natural world and the tools we use to manage it.

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