Development inevitably brings environmental change and that is always accompanied by a strong risk of environmental degradation beyond the immediate footprint of the development itself. It takes strategic action to minimise this risk, as well as protect ecological assets upon which the development may depend.

pexels-photo-58620Includes initial site investigations of proposed land development sites, identification of environmental assets, investigation of environmental constraints and opportunities that determine the planning, valuation and marketability of residential, industrial and commercial subdivisions
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The setup, operations and management of world class teams across multiple disciplines, delivering a diverse portfolio of sustainable outcomes throughout Australia and Asia, ranging from environmental ponds for endangered frog species through to large scale stormwater treatment and harvesting programs.


Organisation and subsequent interpretation of environmental reports, including environmental effects and impact statements, on a wide range of developments affecting land use (freshwater, coastal, infrastructure, residential, industrial, commercial, resort).

photo-1462774603919-1d8087e62cadCorporate representation during technical advisory committees and meetings, including the evaluation of all programs and reporting as per the requirements of developers, regulators, local governments, planning, water and drainage authorities
black-and-white-city-man-peopleAddressing local environmental and subsequent planning proposals with government authorities and local community groups, ensuring cost-effective environmental outcomes that adds to the value of the completed development/business.
industry-sunrise-clouds-fog-39553World class setup and audit of Quality Management Systems to ensure environmental due diligence is met as per regulatory or best practice specifications. Our portfolio includes ongoing water quality and environmental research, establishing key pathways for future development planning.
pexels-photoStatistical and graphical presentation of ecological, geological, geomorphic, demographic data. Presentation of strong evidence of positive environmental outcomes of development, that can be published, advertised or marketed. Includes presentation of scientific literature or results to the highest professional standard in a format that will be accessible to non-specialists in multiple languages, such as English and Chinese.
pexels-photo-96131Targeted investigations of contamination in surface water and sediment on and off-site. Remediation Feasibility Assessment for contaminated water and sediment. Design and construction management of stormwater and surface water diversion works.

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